Saturday, 3 August 2013

10 Keep it Queer!

10. What can people reading this interview do to spread the message?

1. To find out more about the ideas which underpin Gay Shame, read Robert Halpern's excellent 2010 book GAY SHAME:

2. Follow, share + help promote my Gay Shame blog.

3. Visit, like + help promote the NEW Gay Shame facebook page. 

4. Organise + promote your own Gay Shame activities + events.

5. Refuse to support or participate in Gay Pride Inc. / plc events.

6. Proudly tell people why you won't support or attend corporate Gay Pride.

7. Follow on twitter: +swallowourpride @Fagburn @ashfool @CCarbone7 @NedFountain @PeterTatchel @burkelyh and anyone else who dares to challenge orthodoxy, heteronormativity, the mainstream + Gay (Pride) Inc.

8. Refuse to hand your money over to commercial gay venue operators who warn us that "if we don't support us, you will only have yourselves to blame for not having a decent venue..." (Personally, I'd much rather have an indecent venue.)

9. Keep fighting for equality of opportunity for all and...

10. Keep it Queer!